We will ensure the outward presentation of your property is maintained to the highest standard. Working with your committee and members we will implement sound building management practises, ensuring document compliance with all OH&S, building regulations, and essential safety measures requirements, with an overall aim to maximise the lifespan of the infrastructure and return on your investment.


Our team works closely with brokers to secure the appropriate cover in line with the Owners Corporation requirements whilst making sure premiums are competitive and in line with the market.


Complete all end of financial year accounting in line with legislation and provide a full set of financial reports with the Notice of Annual General Meeting following completion of the financial year. Interim financial reports will also be made available on request.


Our team adopt a systematic and proactive approach to ensure compliance and minimise risk to lot owners. Our office policy is to always obtain 2 x quotes for any works and we undertake routine property inspections and will report back to the committee from time to time



We endeavour to hold the Annual General Meeting within 3 months of the end of financial year and we encourage the committee to meet regularly. Where required, we will attend a committee meeting and provide support where needed.

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