For all your Industrial & Commercial
Owners Corporation needs

Enhancing your investments

Facey Owners Corp manages the day-to-day requirements of your investment with a transparent, proactive approach.
We understand how important your property investments are and are dedicated to protecting and enhancing them on your behalf.

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Commercial property experts

With a team of Owners Corporation managers at your service, you can rest assured your investment is in capable hands.

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A complete service

Facey Owners Corp understands commercial property. From maintenance to insurance and administration, we will manage your property as if it were our own, working with you to ensure optimal performance. We are in the detail of your business, dedicated to maintaining the highest level of quality, minimising costs, and protecting your investment.

We have years of experience managing a vast portfolio of properties including shopping centres, offices, and industrial warehouses. We will work to understand your business requirements and tailor a management strategy to suit. Click here to see some of the properties we manage.

For all your Industrial & Commercial Owners Corporation needs.

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